Lost "Daddy Doll" Heading Home

Lost "Daddy Doll" Heading Home

A missing doll is heading home to the little girl who lost it at Bikes, Blues & BBQ.
Fayetteville, AR - A missing doll is heading home to the little girl who lost it at Bikes, Blues & BBQ.

Just before Charlotte Carter's father left for Afghanistan, her grandma gave her a doll with a picture of the National Guardsman.

"It's a way to keep her daddy with her," grandma Janet Irwin says. "She sleeps with it. She takes it everywhere."

The kids came down to visit for Bikes, Blues & BBQ, and at the height of the rally, the "Daddy Doll" disappeared.

"We just went down and enjoyed the day, and we came back to the house and found that the doll was gone," Irwin says.

Grandpa went back to the crowded street to search for the keepsake, without any luck.

"We thought it was gone forever," Irwin says.

Someone at the rally turned the doll in to Fayetteville police, and the department posted a picture on Facebook. The search for the owner went viral, and was shared more than 12,000 times and seen by nearly 650,000 people in less than 24 hours.

"I think there's so many people out there that are behind our military people," Irwin says. "They want to make sure the families are happy while they're gone."

One of those views was Sergeant First Class Jacob Carter, the face gracing the doll.

"There's no words for it," Irwin says. "It's unbelievable."

Now the doll is on its way home to Knob Noster, Missouri, where Charlotte is waiting.

"Last night when I talked to my daughter she said that (Charlotte) asked where it was at and (my daughter) said 'Well, he's on vacation right now, he'll be back in a couple days,'" Irwin says. "I just want to thank everybody for everything they've done, all the posts, the Fayetteville police... everybody. It's just been amazing."
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