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Mom Opens Restaurant To Help Son

On this Mother's Day, one local mother is working hard to take care of her sick son.
Meneria Morrisons 34-year-old son Thomas began having serious health problems four years ago, so to help pay his medical bills, shes opened up her own restaurant right here in Fayetteville. Morrison, or "Mama Dean" as shes known in her restaurant, says Thomas began having health problems after a hip replacement surgery in 2003. "When he got out of rehab and we got him home it just started festering up, this big ol pus was just in it and he was running a high fever," she says. Doctors discovered he had a staph infection. Since then, Morrison says, hes spent his days in a hospital bed after having multiple surgeries and suffering from a stroke, and a heart attack. "You ever had a kid thats sick and you have to put him in the nursing home? Whenever I leave its just like your heart breaks, you dont want to leave him there but you have to leave him there." To help with the growing piles of medical bills, she decided to do what she does best-- cook. Just two weeks ago she opened Mama Deans Soul Food Kitchen, where she and her family specialize in making true southern dishes. She says business is good so far, and even her friends lend a hand around the kitchen. "Everybody comes in and pitches in and helps wash dishes, a lot of friends just trying to get us on our feet." Mama Deans is closed on Saturdays so that Morrison can have a day to drive down to her sons nursing home in Little Rock for a visit. If youd like to help their family-- she says just stop by and have a bite to eat.
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