Pink Courage: The Bald-One-Sisters

Pink Courage: The Bald-One-Sisters

Rogers, AR-- <span style="font-size: x-small;">Pamela Burton &nbsp;says she came in to work one day and 4 of her coworkers had shaved their heads. <br></span>

Rogers, AR-- Pamela Burton says she came in to work one day and 4 of her coworkers had shaved their heads.

It's not a statement about style , it's not even because they had to, it's simply because they are friends.

You see, Burton is fighting breast cancer.

She's had a bilateral mastectomy and is now in the middle of chemo treatments.

When she started loosing her hair Burton, with help from her husband, shaved her head. She says in a way it was empowering, "It kind of let me be in charge of one thing I'm able to be in charge of and that was when my hair was going to be totally gone. I was able to decide when that time was, not the chemo, not anything else"

Her friends at work wanted to do something. Kathy Beck says, "We are here for her and support her and we do love her. She doesn't have to go through this journey alone."

So they all secretly jumped in head first , shaving off their hair, in support of their friend.

And instead of telling Burton, the group surprised their friend at the nurses station when she came to work.

And the Bald-One-Sisters, as they call themselves, haven't looked back.

Burton says, "They have been there for me from the beginning and will be there for me for as long as i need them."

And this posse of pink courage has a message, "Support each other care for each other treat others like you want to be treated if it were you. And this can be won. Cancer doesn't win and your not by yourself."

Burton is schedule to take her last chemo treatment in August and simply wants other breast cancer patients to know they are not alone in the fight against this disease.

Her friends say they will continue to shave their heads until the day Burton's hair starts to grow back.

Click here to watch a web extra with some of the ladies as they discuss their friend Pam and fighting cancer together.

A special thanks to all the Bald-One-Sisters for sharing their story:
Kathy Beckwith
Laura Brown
Pamela Burton
Pam Cox
Carmen Smith

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