Police Investigate Springdale Shooting

Police Investigate Springdale Shooting

SPRINGDALE, AR-- Police investigate a Friday shooting in Springdale.
Springdale Shooting Investigation, 1407 Jennifer St.
Springdale Shooting Investigation, 1407 Jennifer St.
A shooting investigation -- underway in Springdale as two people try to recover from what police are calling life-threatening injuries.

The day after Thanksgiving, a Father shot in the face, a Mother cut in the neck and in the middle of it all -- their 16-year old son who police say made the 911 call and knocked a gun out of his mother's hand.

The boy called 911 around 1:30 Friday afternoon.

He reported to police his parents got into a heated argument, went into a room then he heard two gunshots.

Responding officers found the 43-year old Dad with a gunshot wound to the jaw, and the mom lying next to a bloody knife with a cut to her neck.

Police say it was not clear if her wound was self inflicted or not.

"Based upon what I know at this time it seems like he (the son) made a very heroic action," says Lt. Derek Hudson of the Springdale Police Dept.

"Not only did he call the police, but based on what he told us he took the gun away from (his) mom and so yes very heroic very brave move on his part today."

Both parents are in separate hospitals. The Dad at Washington Regional and the Mom at Northwest Medical.

Detectives interviewed the boy Friday afternoon. A search warrant was processed at the crime scene by investigators Friday evening.

Police say an attempted murder charge could be filed against the mother, but they are continuing to investigate, and not charges have been filed as of Friday evening.SPRINGDALE, AR-- Police are on the scene of a holiday shooting in Springdale. Dispatchers tell us the investigation is underway at 1407 Jennifer Place. We have a crew on the way to the scene. We will have updates as they become available.

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