Sunday Liquor Sales Heading to Springdale

Sunday Liquor Sales Heading to Springdale

<p>Liquor stores will now be open seven days a week in Springdale.</p>

Liquor stores will now be open seven days a week in Springdale.

52-percent of voters supported Sunday liquor sales, 48-percent opposed, with 75-percent of precincts reporting. The election will be certified in seven to ten days, and Mayor Doug Sprouse said Sunday sales will ensue.

"It was on the ballot and people supported it and so now it's obviously legal and people will make their own decisions."

Many, however, will not be exercising their ability to buy booze on Sunday. Others, will be cruising through the check-out line.

Jim Phillips, President of the Springdale Liquor Association, thinks folks will eventually stop by County Line Liquors on Sunday to fill their carts with cold ones.

"I think it'll take people a while to get used to the fact that they're not used to stores being open on Sunday."

And with Benton County going wet, Phillips is glad to be keeping dollars inside city limits.

"We knew that was going to be a large sales tax decrease for the city and we knew that if we did this it would help offset that somewhat... If people come to shop for alcohol on Sunday, then while they're here they might get something to eat, they might fill the car up with gas."

So as folks continue to cart down the alcohol aisle, Springdale liquor stores are ready to start selling on Sundays.

"We're just looking forward to the opportunity to see what happens," said Phillips.

According to Phillips, they will be hiring more people at County Line Liquors to accommodate the schedule change. They will most likely start selling on Sundays within one month.

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