Woman Run Over While Trick or Treating

Woman Run Over While Trick or Treating

HOT SPRINGS, AR-- She describes how she was run over three times by the woman authorities say is pregnant and was intoxicated at the time.
HOT SPRINGS, AR-- Just one day after her release from the ICU, a woman who was run over repeatedly in Hot Springs while trick or treating with her family shares her story of these horrifying events.

She describes how she was run over three times by the woman authorities say is pregnant and was intoxicated at the time. It happened here in the Quail Ridge neighborhood on Halloween.  Jennifer Rowton said she and dozens of parents watched as 27-year-old Twila Watson crashed her vehicle into a tree then continued to race the streets, narrowly missing children.

Many are calling Rowton a hero for doing what many just couldn't approaching Waton's vehicle which she described as "reeking of alcohol."  She then tried to get Watson to calm down and attempted to remove the keys from the vehicle without her knowing.

"I go up to her door, I notice she has two little kids in the car and I look at her and you can smell alcohol coming out of the car."  She said Watson was panicked so she tried to calm her down distract her enough to reach into the car and put it in park. "That's when she stomped the gas petal and my arm was in her car.

Rowton turned the wheel to stop the car  from hitting children but got trapped under it.  Her son-in-law tried to help but was dragged over a hill where Rowton could only listen from there. "All i can see is this car coming straight for me and I'm thinking my kids are fixing to watch me die because I can't move. I coldn't get out of the street.

A man drove a trailer in between the two, she says saving her life, "It took four people to get her to the ground and handcuffed. She's screaming the whole time she didn't care if she killed us all."

 "I would do it again tomorrow because I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, especially to the children. I wouldn't even think about it, I would do it again."

"But I'm very angry that I have to learn to walk again," adds Rowton.  "I'm missing my children's life. They can't go home. My son has senior night and she's walking free so, yeah, I'm a little angry now."

Authorities confirm the suspect, Watson, posted bail on a $17,000 bond the next day and is now free at home.   We knocked on Watson's door and heard her inside, however the man who answered declined an interview based on their attorney's recommendation.
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