Weather Team

  • Dan Skoff

    KNWA/FOX24 Chief Meteorologist 

  • Melissa Hall

    Meteorologist Melissa Hall

  • Rick Katzfey

    Morning Meteorologist Rick Katzfey

  • Billy Wade - Storm Spotter

    Billy Wade is a storm chaser and photographer for KNWA & FOX 24 in the Northwest Arkansas/River Valley/SW Missouri area. He has 5 years of storm chasing experience under his belt and has traveled all over the Southern Plains and the Mid-South in search of the elusive supercell thunderstorm. 

  • Joshua Myers - Storm Spotter

    Joshua Myers joined the KNWA / FOX 24 Storm Spotting Team in March of 2013. Click on the link above to read Joshua's full bio.

  • Logan Burress - Storm Spotter

    Logan has been chasing for nearly two years and loves getting up close and personal to storms, unless the structure is worth hanging back for a wide angle look.  Out of all the setups he has chased, he says the best would have to be May 30, 2013, when he intercepted two to three tornadoes near Mazie, OK at dusk.  "Being within a quarter mile of multiple tornadoes is breathtaking, and it was serene and peaceful as it touched down in an open field."

  • Michael Craddock - Storm Spotter

    Michael Craddock joined the KNWA / FOX 24 Storm Spotter Team in spring of 2012. Click on the link above to read Michael's full bio.


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