Flu Vaccinations

Springdale, AR - "Even though the flu season is going strong there is still time to get the flu vaccine and it’s still time to be effective. " Dr Steven Spencer is a physician at Har-Ber Family Clinic in Springdale and he says that Flu Season is still going strong.

"Sometimes the flu season extends into May and April so there’s plenty of time to get a flu vaccine."

"There’s certain populations we strongly encourage to get a vaccine and also seek treatment if they develop symptoms that would be focused with chronic lung conditions, chronic heart conditions, chronic neurologic conditions, pregnant women, folks that are obese, any other chronic diseases that can make their flu worse so we strongly encourage those people to get out and see their doctor and get treatment. Kids that are 2 years old or younger, that’s a child that I say you need to take and see your doctor and look at being treated for the flu if they develop symptoms."

"If you’ve got the flu, if you feel like you’re really sick, if you’re having trouble breathing or it’s hard to breathe, you can’t stop throwing up or you can’t keep fluids down then you need to go see your doctor. "

"If you’re healthy otherwise and your symptoms are moderate then you know stay home, drink plenty of fluids, treat your fever, treat your cough, you know stay away from healthy family members and stay home from work or school until you’ve been fever free for 24 hours."


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