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Washington Regional - "For our clinic, for HerHealth you know, we are focused on women’s health so definitely making sure that we're up to date on our annual screenings for students." Kristin Markell M.D. is an OBGYN with Washington Regional's HerHealth Women's Clinic and she says it is very important for female college students to keep up with their health.

"Sometimes there's some other things that they can look into. Vaccinations also. Making sure that we're being tested for any sorts of infections that we might be exposed to. We also have a primary care, or some primary care physicians that can kind of look at things like you know, colds and little illnesses that pop up you know, throughout the year. For most college age women, they're pretty healthy. So really just kind of remembering the basics of eating right, hydrating, you know, staying active, and getting enough sleep is going to you know, help keep them on the right track for their health. Well, sexual health is important for overall health. So if we ignore that, then that can lead to long term problems. I recommend that my sexually active patients have annual screening for STDs and if they have any concerns, come in and be screened. Or if they have a new partner, to come in and get screened. And some of my patients have no symptoms, and they come in for screening and are checked and we're able to catch things early so there's no long term problems. "


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