Washington Regional Provides "Health Link" to Patient Records Online

Ever wanted to get a look at your medical record? That big thick file that has followed you from appointment to appointment since childhood. Now thanks to a 2009 Act your doctor will be coverting that thick file into a digital document that you can access.

We talked to Becky McGee the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Washington Regional  and she says the hospital  has had the technology available for patients to access since the end of March through their Health Link website, and "Starting July 21st, This will be activated for the clinics of Washington Regional."

Patients are able to do a number of things thru the Health Link portal, such as refill prescriptions, view and schedule upcomming appointments  and even view vital records and charts. Documents from outside of the Washington Regional network can be added to the portal through and upload feature allowing the patient to keep all their vital medical records in one place.

"You now have control over your medical record and you can share it with your family members and anybody else, any other physicians."

For more details check out the video.

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