“I grew up and my dad worked in the medical field, and I actually wanted to be a medical doctor growing up”, says Dr. Parker Watkins, owner of Abide Chiropractic. “And so I shadowed any doctor that I could that was in the medical field, and I just kinda have a different feeling about what healthcare really looks like and found chiropractic care through playing baseball in college. What I’ve come to understand about the body and how it works is that proper structure equals proper function, and so what do here in our office is we look at the body as a whole, specifically through the spine and the nervous system, and what we know is that if we can restore proper function to the spine and proper communication from the brain to the rest of your body, then your body can heal naturally through most things. We serve people now, through a specific neuropathy treatment, it’s a four-prong approach where we use nutrition, laser light therapy, electrical stimulation, and then we have obviously the chiropractic care side of that as well. The fun thing about what we do is that 80% of that work is actually done at their house, and there is a 97% success rate with this treatment protocol. One of the things we get to provide is hope. We have so many patients that come into our office hurting and have been looking to answers for a long time. Here in our office every day, our patients are actually prayed over, we pray over them because we know that God does, ultimately, he does the healing and he uses us to be able to do that, so I think the most important facet here is that when you come to our practice you’re not just getting treated, okay, we’re actually offering a place of hope, a place of healing, a place of service, where you feel comfortable, where you feel loved on, and appreciated.”