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Plan campaigns from the start to run across TV and Digital. TV is the emotional medium and foundation for growing your brand! Digital provides the space to track your ROI. Both combined help your grow share!

By adding TV to your campaign, you could now expect an average increase in effectiveness of 40%. That makes it one of the biggest differences you can make to the effectiveness of marketing §

Broadcast and Local TV content accounts for over a third of the time we spend viewing video each day

Combining TV and Digital helps boost Brand Recall over 33% and Message Recall over 45%


How to contact sales:

KNWA-TV and Fox 24 (KFTA-TV) 
609 W. Dickson St. 3rd Floor
Fayetteville AR, 72701
TEL: 479-571-5100

Our goal is to help clients develop their businesses through creative marketing via the two most powerful advertising mediums, broadcast television and digital marketing. Many small advertisers assume that television and digital advertising is prohibitively expensive. KNWA-TV and Fox 24 (KFTA-TV) have a wide variety of advertising and marketing programs that can easily be afforded by local businesses. Our clients also have the opportunity to stretch their resources through local marketing/community projects designed to enhance their visibility in the marketplace.

KNWA-TV and Fox 24 (KFTA-TV) works with advertising agencies — we are ready to help our clients develop new business and expand their customers’ use of television, by providing research, ratings and assisting on executing promotions. We consider advertising agencies to be our marketing partners and will gladly assist start up shops that wish to bring their clients to television.

Our sales team can design packages that will reach your spot advertising goals and fulfill your complete marketing objectives through promotions, community service and event marketing. We believe that venues like these require personal interaction and stand at the forefront of the consumers’ consciousness. Our goal is to not only reach the consumer but also to influence buyers to purchase your product.

We are committed to your overall advertising needs. As an added feature, we are equipped with research information such as Rentrak and qualitative research. We can conduct special runs that are pertinent to your company’s interests.

KNWA-TV and Fox 24 (KFTA-TV) extends the NBC and FOX brands to the Internet with interactive content that goes beyond TV to allow the viewer a more in-depth, personal experience. We’ll work with your brand to develop customized messages and opportunities to unite with some of television’s best properties.