LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The average price of diesel fuel in Arkansas hit a record high Tuesday as drivers paying for gasoline also saw fuel prices continue to climb again.

Officials with AAA reported that the average price for a gallon of diesel in the Natural State climbed a cent to $5.30. That may be a small increase, but it set a new record for Arkansas consumers.

The data also showed the average price for a gallon of regular gas in Arkansas was $3.96. That is up by nearly 16 cents from last week, nearly 25 cents from last month and more than $1.20 from last year.

The national average price of gas also jumped to new national record of $4.37 for a gallon of regular, which is 25 cents higher than a month ago and $1.40 more than a year ago.

Calhoun County has the highest gas prices in the state with an average of nearly $4.30 while Logan County has the lowest with an average of $3.81, according to AAA.

AAA officials reported that drivers in Little Rock are paying an average of nearly $3.92 at the pump. Hot Springs drivers are paying nearly $3.93 and drivers in Pine Bluff are paying about $3.98 for a gallon of regular gas.