LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Little Rock corridor highway project is about to go through some changes.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation has announced the change-over from the old to the new Arkansas River Interstate 30 bridge will take place in three phases beginning Sept. 1.

Once the final phase is accomplished, crews will demolish and replace the old river bridge.

Phase I: Thursday, Sept. 1, limited access:

Northbound frontage road traffic will take the new 4th Street on-ramp to the bridge and I-30 eastbound. Traffic can then exit onto Broadway or continue on the eastbound interstate.

During this phase, to get to Broadway St. from I-30 or -630, drivers will have to take the downtown Exit 140 to the frontage road, then on to 4th St. on-ramp and river bridge. (This detour will end when Phase II begins.)

Phase II: Saturday, Sept. 10, eastbound access:

All I-30 eastbound traffic will begin using the new bridge. The westbound traffic will remain on the old bridge.

Phase III: Saturday, Sept. 17, full access:

Westbound traffic will begin using the bridge. The old bridge will no longer be used.

Downtown I-30 exit plans:

North Little Rock

North Little Rock’s on-ramp at Broadway St. will temporarily close.

A new on-ramp will open at Bishop Lindsey Ave.

During construction, access to I-30 westbound will be via the northbound frontage road to the Texas U-turn at Bishop Lindsey Ave and the new on-ramp.

Little Rock

2nd and 6th streets exits will close

A new temporary exit to downtown will open on 9th St.

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