LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The impact of the flu in Arkansas has led to 15 additional deaths.

The Arkansas Department of Health weekly influenza report said the state had 15 deaths in the past week, totaling 101 for the season. The 2021-2022 flu season had 30 total deaths.

The report also said the state’s flu activity is ranked “High” by the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The state had ranked “Very high” for flu activity throughout November up to the Dec. 17 weekly report.

Of those who died due to influenza for this season, 77% were unvaccinated, the ADH report said.

Since Oct. 2, the state has had 17,800 positive influenza tests for this season, an additional 600 over last week’s numbers. The ADH points out that this number is likely lower than the total number of infections in the state due to reporting requirements.

The number of nursing homes reporting outbreaks remains at 20, the same as the previous week’s report. Emergency room visits for the flu also remain the same as last week, at 5% of visits due to flu or flu-like symptoms.