Arkansas Politicians React to SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — The Supreme Court on same-sex marriage garnered a lot of reaction from the political sphere.

State Republicans are united in opposition to the court’s decision.

For Democrats it’s a more complicated with the state party split on the issue.

“They have just told us that our votes, our will does not matter,” said State Sen. Jason Rapert, R-Conway. “That’s a shame.”

Rapert didn’t mince words over his feelings on the decision.

“It should not be acceptable to destroy marriage for the rest of the country,” Rapert said.

While Rapert says he recognizes the court’s authority, he hinted at resistance coming from those who oppose the decision.

“We are reaching a point right now, just as Martin Luther King Jr. reached a point in his life, where he knew that segregation was unjust and he stood up knowing there could be penalty of law for doing so,” Rapert said.

During a morning press conference, Jerry Cox, president of the Family Council, a conservative Christian group, called the ruling “illegitimate” and questioned the implications.

“If a marriage can be the union of two men or two women, why can’t a marriage be a union of three men or four women?” he asked.

On the other side of the political spectrum, only some state Democrats celebrated the ruling.

“I was really grateful that the Supreme Court really took a stance for understanding that all human life matters,” said State Rep. Eddie Armstrong, D-North Little Rock.

Armstrong says reaction among his members has been mixed.

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