LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  – Attorney General Tim Griffin filed lawsuits against two Arkansas solar companies Thursday, one of which was featured in a Working4You investigation.

Griffin filed separate lawsuits against central Arkansas solar panel companies Sun Valley Renewables LLC and Cavalry Solar Solutions, which does business as Apollo Energy. The lawsuits also extend to Joshuah and Stephen Walker, owners of Sun Valley, and Branden Glover, owner of Cavalry Solar.

According to Griffin, these two companies violated the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act by failing to perform contracted services or provide purchased goods.

“It is important that bad actors working in the solar sector be held accountable to distinguish them from companies operating in good faith,” Griffin said. “I will continue working to protect Arkansans from companies that do not fulfill their contractual obligations.”

During a Working4You Investigation, a woman said her husband hired Sun Valley to install solar panels on her home to lower her electricity bill.  She said that after the panels were installed, her electricity bill never changed and her family was stuck with two loans totaling over $81,000.

Working4You investigators found that Stephen Walker had been sentenced on federal charges in 2012 for tax evasion and in 2013 for bank fraud.