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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) — Arkansas Game and Fish spent all day Monday trying to remove a bear from a tree.

Arkansas Game and Fish thought once it got dark and quiet that the bear would finally come down but he still hasn’t moved.

AGF set up a live trap at the base of the tree hoping to relocate him safely.

Neighbors lined the street of Windamere Drive, taking pictures of their new temporary neighbor.

“This hasn’t ever happened before, its honestly a surprise,” said Chris Williams, Neighbor.

Many could barely believe what was up the tree.

” I never thought that I would be so close to the wildlife like this like this is now what I expect in my everyday life,” said Williams.

Chris Williams lives on this street and earlier got a little too close for comfort.

“He knocked over my trash can, that’s exactly how I found out. I looked out the window and just saw the bear running down my driveway,” said Williams.

Trey Reid with Arkansas Game and Fish said someone shot at the bear earlier in the morning and that’s what caused him to climb into the tree.

AGF said they need the bear to make his way halfway down the tree so they can safely tranquilize him.

“If he starts to come down our wildlife biologists will try to dart the bear and then we will transport him to probably the Ouachita National Forrest,” said Trey Reid, Arkansas Game and Fish.

Reid said its a waiting game. Not only for the bear but for the dozens of people who came to see him.

“I was talking to my friend Julian but as soon as I heard there was a bear in the tree and I could actually see it, I was like no I am hanging up and I am going,” said Cameron Wintroth, 10 years old.

10-year-old Cameron Wintroth and Williams both stood outside watching the bear for hours, waiting to see what was going to happen.

“I wouldn’t expect a bear to be out here like this, it’s crazy,” said Williams.

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