EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Arkansas has plenty of spooky places, but one Eureka Springs hotel stands out as the “creepiest place” in the state.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa was dubbed the creepiest place in Arkansas, according to HGTV’s new report via CNN.

The hotel opened in 1886 but closed in the 1930s because of the economy. A few years later, con-man Norman Baker purchased the building and turned it into the Baker’s Cancer Curing Hospital.

Baker claimed he had cancer-curing treatments but they were a scam and many people died under his care.

The building was transformed back into a hotel in 1946 and restored to its former glory. However, the ghosts of Baker’s former patients and other spirits are rumored to roam The Crescent.

Marketing and communications director Bill Ott spoke with Good Day NWA’s Jaclyn House and Jason Suel in 2019 and mentioned some spirits that haunt the property.

“The most famous ghosts we have in the hotel are Michael who hangs out in room 213, he was a stone mason that fell to his death in the footprint of that room. The other one is Theodora in room 419. If you mess up the room or she doesn’t like you, she’ll put your luggage in front of the door which makes it difficult for it to open.”


The Crescent Hotel offers ghost tours that end in the morgue every night. To learn more and purchase tickets, click here.