LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Bars and restaurants around Central Arkansas are feeling the impact of COVID-19.

Now with Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr announcing all restaurants and bars can only provide takeout, curbside and home delivery is causing another shockwave to hit businesses.

One local joint, Doe’s Eat Place said their customers have been very supportive and it showed when someone left a huge tip.

“It just tugged at your heart a little bit,” said Katherine Eldridge, Owner Of Doe’s Eat Place.

Doe’s Eat Place in Downtown Little Rock is feeling the impact that coronavirus is having on the city.

“Major cutbacks,” said Eldridge.

Owner Katherine Eldridge said she had to cut her staff significantly, so the blows to the business are having a ripple effect.

Luckily, she said one regular, Andy, who also doubles as the mailman, helped make those blows a little softer.

“His tab was 12 dollars and some cents. He had a cheeseburger fries and a coke,” said Eldridge.

Eldridge said she was shocked when Andy handed her the receipt back and she saw the tip he left.

“It was 2,200 dollars so he had left 100 dollars for every one of our employees,” said Eldridge.

Eldridge said his reason was to make sure Doe’s would still be here when all the chaos is over.

“A customer left us a tip and the first thing I did is I looked and said thank you Jesus,” said David Brown, Chef at Doe’s.

David Brown has been a Chef at Doe’s for 30 years. He said he has never seen someone so generous in such a hard time.

“If we had 100,000 more people like Andy, this world would be a whole lot better,” said Brown.

Eldridge said when the business closes the doors Thursday, they will remain closed for the next two weeks.

“To tell your staff that you’re closing the doors for a while and they have no income it’s tough it’s really tough,” said Eldridge.

Eldridge said with fewer people out and about, on top of all the restaurant restrictions, they have no other choice.

“Its just not enough for us to stay open through this,” said Eldridge.

Doe’s will be closing their doors for at least the next two weeks or until the governor gives another update on restrictions.

The owners said they will open back up when all this is over.