LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A west Arkansas man agreed to a lifetime in prison in accepting plea deals for charges related to child rape in Clark County court Thursday.

Barry Alan Walker of Glenwood accepted 13 life sentences for pleading guilty to child rape. This was his second court appearance in as many days, having taken a similar deal for 18 counts of child rape in adjoining Pike County yesterday.

The 58-year-old Walker also accepted a plea deal of 240 months each for several dozen crimes related to the rape of a minor, including computer exploitation of a child, producing/directing the sexual performance of a child and engaging a child in sexually explicit conduct, as well as drugs and firearms charges.

Walker has been held in the Pike County Detention Center since June 9 after police executed a search warrant on his home. During the search, police found a computer hard drive and evidence that Walker had assaulted 31 children in 34 separate incidents.

Police also reported evidence that Walker had produced, distributed, and downloaded child pornography.

Walker once held a physician’s license, which was suspended in 1999 after his conviction for sexual misconduct with a child in Fort Smith.