LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and other officials met to discuss conditions at the Arkansas School for the Blind and the Visually Impaired and the Arkansas School for the Deaf.

A statement from Sanders’ spokesperson Alexa Henning said the governor had met with stakeholders from across the state to discuss the conditions that students face at the two schools.

“The Governor stated that the condition of the schools is unfit for the students there and problems are getting worse,” the statement said. “She reiterated that we can and must do better by the students, including addressing academic, safety, and security issues.”

The statement noted that the list of stakeholders included House Speaker Matthew Shepherd, Senate President Pro Tem Bart Hester, Education Secretary Jacob Oliva, bipartisan members of the legislature and parents and grandparents of students.

The meeting comes after a social media post from Sen. Clarke Tucker highlighted the conditions at each of the schools.

The thread on X depicted torn-up walls and ceilings and referenced a pool at the School for the Deaf that students are not able to get in due to a collapsing roof.

“All agreed to continue working together swiftly toward a comprehensive solution that will better serve the students and their families,” the statement concluded.