LITTLE ROCK, ARK. (KTVE/KARD) — This past weekend, October 22-23, 2022, nearly two dozen wildfires broke out across Arkansas. Much of the state is still under a burn ban, and officials say this is an important reminder that the fire danger isn’t over just yet.

Arkansas State Forester, Joe Fox, said, “From 3:30 Saturday afternoon to 3:30 Sunday afternoon we had 21 fires.” He explained that those fires burned nearly two-thousand acres, but thankfully no homes were damaged.

“16 of the 21 fires were in Central or South Arkansas, mostly South Arkansas,” Fox added. One fire in Jackson County, Ark was over 1000 acres big. Fox said that this fire season is on track to become the worst Arkansas has seen in a decade.

He warned that as long as there are strong winds and a lack of rain, the fire danger is still high. Fox says he is hoping that the continued burn bans will make a difference and warn people of the danger.