JACKSON COUNTY, Ark.- Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas says the search is continuing Thursday for Sydney Sutherland, 25.

According to Sheriff Lucas, teams searched until 2 a.m. Thursday, then resumed the search around 7:30 a.m.

Lucas says US Marshals, FBI, Tuckerman police, Newport police, Jonesboro police, Arkansas State Police and many more are helping the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in the search.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff, there are helicopters also taking part in the search.

Sheriff Lucas says a UPS driver saw Sutherland jogging in the area of Jackson County Road 41.

According to Lucas, Sutherland lives on Highway 18 between Newport and Grubbs and often takes a walk or jogs.

The sheriff says Sutherland lives with her boyfriend and there are no indication of any issues.

Investigators have also spoken with other family members.

According to Lucas, Sutherland had her phone and an Apple Watch with her. The sheriff says AT&T has received pings from her phone in that area. Officials are also trying to get information from the watch, Sheriff Lucas says.

Officials say Sutherland went to a gym in Jonesboro on Wednesday and investigators are looking at surveillance footage there.

Sheriff Lucas also warned there was some information put on social media about a truck out of Texas and two men who might have been involved. The sheriff says this information did not come from law enforcement.

If you see Sutherland or know where she may be, call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at 870-523-5842.