LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — According to a study conducted by, Arkansas is among the least optimistic states in the U.S.

5,725 respondents reportedly participated in the survey, giving their outlook for 2022. Given the circumstances of the last two years, most Americans were found to be proceeding into the new year with caution.

Overall, Americans rank their optimism toward 2022 as a 6/10. Arkansans fall even lower, as they were shown to have their optimism at a 5.8/10.

When broken down across the country, optimism appeared to be highest in Rhode Island at 7.2/10 and lowest in nearby Maine, which averaged a 4.5/10 in the field.

Alabama, California, Michigan and Montana rounded out the top five in optimism.

A interactive map can be viewed here to see the full optimism rankings across the U.S.

SolitaireBliss also questioned Arkansas respondents on what specific aspects they are most optimistic about for the new year and found the following:

31% are hoping to improve their mental health and brain sharpness, 26% are hoping to see more family friends in person, 24% are hoping for an improved economy and personal finances, 16% are looking to see progress in the fight against COVID-19, and 3% want to see progress in the fight against climate change.

“It’s extremely tough to stay positive when life keeps dishing out lemons – especially for what seems like absolutely ages following the outbreak of the pandemic nearly two years ago,” says Neal Taparia for

“However, while there are significant concerns about the effects of climate change, for which people are rightly quite pessimistic about, there are many things we can be optimistic about, which we are more in control of – spending more time with friends and family, and keeping our brains occupied are great ways to keep reduce levels of stress, particularly when life can get a bit overwhelming.”