ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — A study conducted by divorce experts from Texas Divorce Laws revealed that Arkansas was one of the top states with the highest divorce rate.

According to a release, the study analyzed data from the United States Census Bureau on the divorced population of each state including Washington D.C. The data was then compared to the married population, which included people who are currently married, separated, or widowers, to discover the divorce rate of each state.

According to the study Arkansas was listed fifth with 325,212 couples divorced compared to the 1,408,439 who are married. The divorce rate in the Natural State sits at 18.75% while the marriage rate was listed at 70.80%.

The study further revealed out of all states, Washington D.C. topped the list with a divorce rate of 20.85%. The result was based on the number of divorced people in the area, which is 52,050 compared to people who are married, which is 197,565.

Washington D.C. was followed by New Mexico with a divorce rate of 19.75%. The result was based on the divorce population standing at 221,211 compared to people who are married, which counted 989,670.

Nevada came in third with a divorce rate of 19.66%. This result was also based on the divorced population in the state, which is 328,645, while the number of people who are married is 1,343,824.

Oregon was placed fourth on the list with 449,649 divorced and 1,947,300 married.

Top 10 US states with the highest divorce rate
 StateDivorcedPop who are marriedMarriage rateDivorce %
1District of Columbia52,050197,56544.70%20.85%
2New Mexico221,211898,67064.90%19.75%
6West Virginia197,663860,50471.30%18.68%

A spokesperson for Texas Divorce Laws said, “The data reveals how the size of the married population is not necessarily directly proportional to the divorce rate. In fact, in states where there is a lower amount of people who have been married or are still married, the divorce rate can be higher. Hence, most marriages in a state do not necessarily mean the most divorces.”