LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Having a child can be expensive when it comes to health insurance, child care, and unexpected medical fees. Fortunately for Arkansans, a new study found that the Natural State is the least expensive state to have one.

According to QuoteWizard, the average cost for having a child is $21,000-$37,000 in the first year, depending on where you live.

The study largely incorporates health insurance into its figures and QuoteWizard asks readers to keep in mind the figures are only estimates. How much you pay for a doctor’s visit, screening, ultrasound, or other forms of care will depend on where you live, how or where you give birth, complications, and more.

Arkansas was found to be the least-expensive state with an average cost of childcare at $6,184, an average cost of childbirth at $9,621, and an average cost of health insurance at $4,832, totaling $20,637.

Fellow southern states Alabama and Mississippi are just ahead of Arkansas in the least expensive ranking. Alaska was listed as the most expensive, followed by Massachusetts, New York, Wisconsin, and New Jersey.

QuoteWizard also says West Virginia has the most expensive health insurance and Massachusetts has the highest cost of child care.

To view the full findings from the study, visit their website here.