ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — The National Fire Protection Association is hoping to raise awareness of potential home electrical hazards, the importance of electrical fire safety, and the safety of electrical and non-electrical workers during May, which is National Electrical Safety Month.

According to a press release, this year’s theme, “Energy Resilience,” focuses on how emerging technology, including photovoltaics, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems, can provide energy resilience to homes and businesses and help communities adapt to these changes safely.

NFPA and Electrical Safety Foundation International say contact with electricity is a leading cause of home and workplace injuries and fatalities.

Homeowners are offered these tips to reduce risk:

  • Have all electrical work done by a qualified electrician to ensure a home’s electrical system is installed to meet local codes and can accommodate additional loads imposed from charging electric vehicles.
  • Use surge protective devices to help guard against voltage surges that may occur during power shut-offs and restarts, negatively impacting electronics and other sensitive equipment in the home office.
  • Perform regular testing of ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) and breakers, based on manufacturers instruction, to ensure systems operate safety and efficiently.

For more tips and resources including infographics, fact sheets, videos, and podcasts related to home electrical fire safety, visit the NFPA electrical safety webpage.