UALR Constitution Expert Weighs in on SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Case

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — Historic arguments at the Supreme Court as justices decide whether states like Arkansas can ban gay couples from marrying. The case before the nation’s highest court will also decide whether states that don’t allow same-sex marriage, must recognize unions from other states. It appears that will happen, the ruling is expected to come down in late June. Constitutional expert, John Dipippa from the Bowen School of Law at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock, says if the court decides the U.S. constitution allows for same sex marriage, Arkansas’ current ban would be struck down. If not, it’s up to the state Supreme Court to decide if same-sex couples have the right to marry here.

“If the Supreme Court says there’s a federal constitutional right to marry, then that applies everywhere including Arkansas but if they say that there’s no federal right but states have to recognize other states marriages then you’ll have a much more confused situation where some people will be married and some people will not'” said Dipippa.

We’re still waiting to see if the arkansas supreme court will re-hear arguments in a case over the legality of the state’s gay marriage ban.

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