WASHINGTON (KNWA/KFTA) — Amid the recent baby formula shortage crisis that recently affected millions of mothers in the U.S., Congressman Steve Womack is pushing new legislation that will ensure it does not happen again.

According to a press release, the “Formula Act” is meant to “strengthen and stabilize” supply as it directs the Food and Drug Administration to establish and communicate to Congress “clear standards for domestically produced formula.” The release says these standards would then be applied to foreign infant formula to allow imports and support domestic manufacturers.

The release notes the U.S. does not currently import foreign infant formula because the FDA does not have “interchangeable standards” in place to ensure foreign formula complies with U.S. health codes and regulations.

“It’s unthinkable knowing families are struggling to find formula for their babies. This preventable crisis should have never happened, and there is no time to waste in ensuring this vital source of nutrition is readily available. This bill will quickly increase safe formula options for infants in Arkansas and across the nation. Congress should immediately vote on it.”

By codifying standard regulations for infant formula, Womack says the legislation would allow America to safely import foreign infant formula to “complement domestic production, particularly during times of severe shortage like American families are now facing.”