LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A brawl involving students and a woman with a gun caused chaos outside Central High School Thursday morning. 

Police say the armed woman is one of the involved student’s parents. 

The fight was captured in a widely shared video, detailing the moments the violence broke out. According to a notice emailed to parents, it all happened just before 9 a.m. during the school’s drop-off period.

Students from a nearby high school arrived and attacked a central child, her mother nearby. That mom then walked onto campus and pulled out a gun. 

According to the Little Rock Police Department, 36-year-old Precious Lyons was arrested for carrying a weapon on school property. The students from outside Central High quickly left after the fight was contained by security.

Central principal Nancy Rousseau said in an email to parents that those students will face “disciplinary action from the district and the law,” although it’s not yet clear what that will be. It also hasn’t been revealed what school those students attend. 

Shama Khan has a 16-year-old at Central High School, and her two older daughters also attended the historic school. During after-school pickup, she said she’s never heard of something like this happening in all her years on campus. 

“I thought everything was safe,” Khan said. “That’s why we were sending our kids here.”

She adds that stopping fights should be up to administrators and shouldn’t involve parents if they happen on school property. 

“If the kids are fighting,” she said, “the parents should not be involved in that. Let the teacher and the principal handle this one.”