90% of women will eventually be fully responsible for their household finances, but only 20% feel prepared. Carla Chastain of Chastain Financial wants to help you get prepared at a free event at Harding University in Rogers January 22nd or 24th at 6pm.

Seating space is limited so participants will need to reserve a spot online here.

Here’s what you can learn:

  • Five things women need from their financial professional.
  • How to avoid the built-in tax hike women will experience if they out live their husbands.
  • Five reasons why retirement planning is different for women.
  • What women need to know about Social Security survivor.spousal benefits.
  • What married women need to know right now if they anticipate outliving their spouse.
  • Learn the importance of an income plan that works regardless of life changes.
  • Discover ways to identify and reduce the amount of risk in retirement.
  • Understand Social Security pitfalls to avoid and how to maximize hard-earned benefits.
  • Identify sources of income and strategies to help ensure running out of money is not an option.
  • Understand the importance of a legacy plan designed to help ensure the IRS isn’t the largest beneficiary when your spouse dies. 

About the host:

Carla Chastain is a President and CEO at Chastain Financial, LLC. She has 26 years of experience in the insurance and annuity industry and a Bachelors degree in Business from The University of Arkansas.

Carla has been published on Fox Business News and hosts the “Chastain Financial Hour” on KURM 790AM and KARV AM, and she is the Advice Network Expert for KNWA NBC and FOX Networks.

Inspiring Women 
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