At Chastain Financial, we understand the issues women face, whether you are single, married, divorced or widowed. Women today manage 62 percent of all wealth. Surprised? Managing it well and managing it appropriately is more important than ever. The services we offer focus on:

* Creation and growth of wealth

* Reducing risk to life savings

* Lifetime income planning

* Retirement Lifestyle Protection Planning

* Reducing tax liability

* Healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid planning

* Most of all, building financial independence

The Chastain Financial Approach- We start by getting to know you—your past, your plans, your health, your emotions and your dreams your fears, concerns, etc… Only then can we examine and analyze your financial situation and formulate plans to help you reach your goals. And don’t be surprised if we have a bit of fun along the way! Our Retirement Income Roadmap, we share with you will reflect a healthy balance between getting you where you need to be and arriving there with a peaceful mind, an empowered spirit and the confidence you need to have the retirement you have dreamed. Most importantly, we examine your total life situation,

Looking at ways to help maximize your Social Security benefits

Help ensure your accounts are tax efficient-protecting all the money that is rightfully yours

Develop an income plan to make sure you don’t run out of money

It’s also important to know that we can offer as much or as little assistance as you need because ladies, it’s about your Total Well Being. Whether you’re seeking just an opinion or are looking for a comprehensive approach

to your financial life, we’re more than happy to help. Your financial independence and security deserve a second opinion.

Understanding women and their needs is what makes Chastain Financial such a valuable friend and resource for so many women.

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