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Rogers. AR - If you're starting to think about retiring, you may not realize it but you could face a huge problem that could cost you a small fortune.

The problem is taxes. In fact the IRS is licking their chops they can't wait for you to retire because they're planning on taxing you at every turn. Taxes on your IRA, taxes on your 401k or other retirement accounts, taxes on your investment income, taxes on your Social Security benefits. It's going to be a field day and it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in taxes possibly more. The money you're counting on in retirement could be just a fraction- just a fraction- of what you thought it was going to be

Get ahead of this before you retire to help you needlessly pay the government more and more in taxes.

Call Chastain Financial today and receive a retirement tax reduction analysis and it's not going to cost you a dime. Learn these little-known strategies that can help save you thousands of dollars in taxes on your IRA or 401k or other retirement accounts. Learn how you could avoid paying as much as 85% on your Social Security benefits, plus the one opportunity with the Trump tax plan that could be a financial windfall. Call Chastain Financial and receive your RMD analysis at no obligation. Remember- it’s not what you make—it’s what you keep.

Chastain Financial taking you up to and thru Retirement.

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