From our experience, one of the biggest mistakes retirees make is keeping too much money in the stock market after they retire.  Generally, there are two phases to an individual’s financial life; the accumulation phase and the preservation phase.  The accumulation phase generally incorporates higher levels of market based risk into a strategy to enable the assets to grow.

During the preservation phase, you need to live off those accumulated assets, so it may be a good time to purchase more conservative financial products to help stabilize in times of market fluctuations and to provide guaranteed income.  If you aren’t sure whether your current asset allocations match your financial life phase call us for a no obligation financial analysis.

Your no obligation complete financial analysis will include:

  • An assessment to identify the tax classification of your different assets to potentially reduce your overall tax liabilities
  • A custom retirement income strategy tailored to your financial needs that helps protect your retirement assets from loss due to potential market fluctuations and provides guaranteed income you can’t outlive.

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