Hull Dermatology and Aesthetics is excited to announce that they have added Massage Therapy to their list of services. Licensed Massage therapist Gail Young has over 12 years experience helping people relax with massage therapy.

” Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress.” Young says ” Massage is not meant to be a replacement for regular medical care, however it is considered to be part of a complimentary and alternative medicine.  Some people get a massage once a year for their birthday or anniversary, other people get a massage when they are having an issue such as shoulder or back pain and more and more people are now getting regular massage one to two times a month as part of their wellness regime.  They do not consider it a luxury. They do see and feel the benefits that a regular massage can offer such as decrease in stress and anxiety, a better night’s sleep, improvement in their digestive system, a decrease in chronic pain areas and an increase in feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and these are just to name a few. “

Hull offers multiple types of massage therapy including Swedish Massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal and migraine miracle massage.

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