“Testosterone’s one of the most commonly prescribed drugs now for men. ” Dr. Michael Wilson is a urologist with Northwest Arkansas Urology. “I read a study recently where as many as 25% of men who are prescribed testosterone never had their testosterone levels checked.  So the important thing before you take testosterone is determine if it’s needed because it will have some consequences. “

Dr. Chad Breckelbaum with Northwest Arkansas Urology says that symptoms of low testosterone are wide-ranging. “The symptoms of low testosterone are non-specific.  The common symptoms are fatigue, decreased libido, difficulty with erections, sometimes people even have hot flashes associated with it.  Often patients will come to me saying that they’re not getting the gains that they would want in the gym.  They feel like their muscle development and building is diminished.  “

Dr. Breckelbaum says it is easy to test the hormone’s levels in men. “The way we diagnose low testosterone is by a lab test.  Once we determine that the testosterone is low, we’ll do additional laboratory to determine what the cause of the low testosterone is.  “

Dr. Wilson says there is some concern with putting me on a hormonal supplement. “The concerning thing’s when you start replacing testosterone is, it will suppress what natural production your body makes of testosterone.  It will suppress the testicles’ production of testosterone and more importantly, it will suppress the production of sperm.  So, we have real caution in young men who are symptomatic, if they start taking testosterone, in severe cases, it can lead to even permanent infertility.”

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