“Men have about a one in six lifetime risk of developing prostate cancer” Dr. Nimal Kilambi is a specialist in prostate cancer at Northwest Arkansas Urology. “So it’s important once one is known to have an elevated PSA or abnormality on exam to be sent to a urologist.  Urologist’s are the experts in prostate cancer, and we have the data through our organization to determine who is best to be screened and we’re the experts in talking about the various treatment options. “

” Those options nowadays include active surveillance in men who may have prostate cancer.  It may affect their quality of life if treated but may not ever affect their actual quantity of life.  So, we are very good about watching certain men based on criteria that are low risk or very low risk, to save them from unnecessary procedures or treatment. “

” However, if treatment is warranted, based on the age, diagnosis and the aggressiveness of the disease, there are various options.  Again, Urologist’s are the experts at being able to counsel men on their options, which include minimally invasive, ah, procedures that leave the prostate intact, such as various forms of radiation therapy or cryotherapy, and then of course, robotic prostatectomy.”