“The robot, ah, commonly called the robot, is not really a robot.” Dr. Michael Wilson is a urologist with Northwest Arkansas Urology. “It’s a computer-controlled laparoscopic instrument.  But what it does, it allows the surgery to be done very precisely with excellent visualization, excellent control of instruments, with small incisions and quick recovery, and for Urologist’s, the robot was brought about for prostate surgery.”

  ” I have done prostatectomy’s, both open and through robotic approach to cure prostate cancer, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the robotic prostatectomy is the best long-term treatment option.” Dr. Nirmal Kilambi is also a urologist with Northwest Arkansas Urology. “This is an operation we do minimally invasive through robotics in acceptable men.  We get the patients out the very next morning and they generally have good outcomes.”

Dr. Wilaon says it is a big help for surgery. ” It’s made that surgery well tolerated.  Again, most men, after prostate surgery, are home the day after surgery.  Recovery is quick.  It’s done an awful lot to help us reduce blood loss from prostate surgery.  We can do kidney surgery, we can repair injured kidneys or congenitally abnormal kidneys.  The robot was really first developed and used primarily by Urologist’s for prostate, but since then it been, it’s been used for lots of different techniques. “

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