“Vasectomies are a great way for surgical sterilization and they’re great because they’re easy to tolerate, very few side effects, and excellent results.” Dr. Chad Breckelbaum is one of the Urologists at Northwest Arkansas Urology, a private practice clinic serving the needs of northwest Arkansas.

His partner Dr. Nirmal Kilambi says that the procedure is generally covered by most insurance. “A vasectomy is a minimally invasive procedure.  We generally use one incision and it’s usually covered by insurance.  All insurances are different and, of course we check that out for our patients to make sure that, it is before proceeding. “

“We do a lot of vasectomies in our clinic.” Dr. Michael Wilson also performs vasectomies at Northwest Arkansas Urology. ”  Yeah, I think the guys come in with fear that exceeds the reality, and that’s understandable.  We’re talking about a very protected part of the body.  But it’s rare that I hear anyone say afterwards, “oh, that was worse than I expected”.  It’s pretty universally, “that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought”.  You tell patients they’re gonna feel a brief little stick for the anesthetic and after that, they really won’t have much pain, and they’re most fearful of the stick and usually it’s afterwards they have a little soreness or achiness after the stick but it’s tolerated very well. “

” We tell our patients after a vasectomy, I’d like them to really limit their aggressive activities, things like exercising, bicycling, climbing on 4-wheelers, climbing in deer stands.  For the first probably seven to ten days is the safest but by the day after the procedure we, I tell them they can do routine activities fine.  “

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