“I have used a variety of different lasers and i have settled on the greenlight xps laser as my laser of choice .” Nirmal Kilambi is a urologist at Northwest Arkansas Urology. He says he has many reasons for choosing the Greenlight Laser. “The reasons are multiple. First of all, the laser allows me to do a very quick procedure as an outpatient with recovery time that is very minimal for the patient, with very little discomfort. In addition because of the laser type, I can do surgery on prostates, on patients that have anticoagulation, or that are on blood thinners. And that makes this very unique relative to other lasers as well. Finally utilizing the green light laser to laser the prostate is one option, but I’m also getting into enucleation of the prostate where I can use the green light laser to actually laser out the entire prostate and allow that prostate to be sent to the pathologist to check to see if there’s any cancer or not. So for all of those reasons the technology, the ease of the procedure, the post-operative recovery time, which is minimal, and the side effects which are minimal this is definitely my laser of choice.”

For more information on if the Greenlight Laser is right for you, contact Northwest Arkansas Urology at 479.521.8980