“At Northwest Arkansas Urology Associates we offer all options for male erectile dysfunction.” Nirmal Kilambi, M.D. FACS is a urologist with Northwest Arkansas Urology and he sees a wide variety of erectile dysfunction in men. “So we tend to look at erectile dysfunction as a disease that should be treated with the most minimally invasive option available.”

Though groundbreaking surgeries are available, it’s not the first place to begin in treating erectile dysfunction. “Usually we start out with oral medications that are readily available out there and that are advertised, but in some cases, especially in cases with people who have a systemic disease such as diabetes or have had certain types of surgeries which can affect erections, until it’s at a point where men are at a point where they cannot get an erection with any conservative method. And it’s those men that will oftentimes come and ask for a surgical solution. We may have to move forward to other procedures including injections that may help give an erection, and finally, internal pumps or inflatable penile prostheses which have satisfaction rates both for the patient and the partner of greater than 90 percent. And we offer that surgery here at Northwest Arkansas Urology Associates and we have definitely changed the quality of life of many men in northwest Arkansas.”

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