NORTHWEST ARKANSAS – The doctors at Northwest Arkansas Urology are experts in female voiding issues and pelvic health. Chad Brekelbaun, M.D. is a urologist there. He says “A lot of things that happen as we age, sometimes we see that we don’t urinate quite as well as we did in the past or we urinate more frequently.

“One of the common conditions that affect women is an overactive bladder. And with that can come getting up at night and also leaking on your way to the bathroom. We can evaluate that and make sure that there are no additional problems that need to be managed, other than controlling dietary issues and potentially medications that help stabilize the bladder. Urinary leakage can also happen if somebody has a faulty or weakened sphincter which a lot of times happens after childbirth. There are procedures that can be done to support the urethra and help prevent stress urinary leakage. In addition, sometimes women can’t empty their bladder and that can be due to many different causes. Sometimes medical conditions like diabetes can cause weakening in the bladder. Sometimes bladder can prolapse or fall which causes a kinking of the urethra and makes it difficult to urinate. That can be fixed as well. “

“We also see urinary infection problems. A lot of times urinary infections respond quickly to antibiotics but in certain patients, urinary infections can be recurrent or persistent despite antibiotics and there are medical conditions that we need to evaluate for, that can help control the urinary infections.”

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