“So here at Northwest Arkansas Urology Associates, we are the only clinic that offers the minimally invasive and nucleation of the prostate with lasers also known as a HoLEP or a ThULIP technique.” Bradon Collins, MD is a urologist with Northwest Arkansas Urology Associates. He says that “for the right candidate non-invasive surgery is a great way to be able to offer a patient a big surgery that they need, but that you can do through a small incision or a no incision and an endoscopic approach.”

Dr. Collins says that there are other benefits to minimally invasive procedure. “Oftentimes patients are able to get back on their feet sooner. There’s less blood loss involved. There’s less pain after the procedure.”

Originally from Grove, OK, Dr. Collins is excited to be bringing new minimally invasive procedures to Northwest Arkansas. “Specifically I brought a new technique where we’re doing bladder cancer surgeries completely robotic now. So traditionally that was an open procedure. Urethroplasty is something new that I brought to this area. So repairing the urinary tract due to trauma or scarring. Patients were having to go to Little Rock and that doctor since moved on and patients were going to Fort Smith and so now I’m offering that surgery in this area. And getting referred those surgeries from around the state to repair the urinary tract and patients have a history of trauma or scarring and damage of the urinary tract. and you know it’s challenging but it’s something that we can offer patients with our new technologies and new experiences that can really benefit our patients.”

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