“Here at Northwest Arkansas Urology, we’re excited to be recognized by Axonics as a Center of Excellence.” Chad Brekelbaum is a urologist at Northwest Arkansas Urology who is well versed in Axonics Therapy. “We’ve been using Axonics for a year and a half now and are excited about the benefits that it offers. I’ve been using sacral neuromodulation therapy for overactive bladder and urge incontinence and since I’ve been out of training for 18 years now. Axonics has brought an increased or improved technology. It has been instrumental in helping patients that have refractory urinary incontinence problems. The thing Exotics offers as they were first to market with a rechargeable device, that is very small and hardly noticeable by patients. That also offers a better Energy Delivery system with constant current and it’s also MRI compliant.”

“Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t recognize that there are things that can be offered when medications and behavioral therapy, and also reducing dietary irritants don’t help with urinary issues. If you feel like you’re having problems with urinary incontinence. You can call us at Northwest Arkansas Urology. We can help.”

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