Dr. John Hurt is a urogynecologist who has recently joined the staff at Northwest Arkansas Urology. We sat down to learn a little more about him.

“I’m from eastern Arkansas originally, but we’ve lived in Northwest Arkansas since 2011. I graduated from Harding University in 1997 and graduated medical school in 2002 at UAMS and completed my residency training and LSU in Shreveport in 2006. I became board certified in urogynecology in 2014. And that’s a subspecialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology, which focuses on pelvic floor disorders in women, prolapse, urinary incontinence, and pelvic pain, and issues related to the pelvic floor.”

“Some of the things that I do, I specialize in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse, using minimally invasive surgery. So, I’ve been doing robotic surgery since 2012 and what robotic surgery does is allows not only can you treat pelvic organ prolapse with minimally invasive robotic surgery, but also some more difficult cases like endometriosis or larger uterus is that they need to be removed due to fibroids. Not only with a hysterectomy but also with myomectomy which would be the removal of the fibroids themselves and preserving the uterus.”

For more information or to book an appointment with Dr. Hurt contact Northwest Arkansas Urology at 479.346.2263.