A team from Boston Scientific was in town last week to dedicate Northwest Arkansas Urology as a Greenlight Center of Excellence. 

“Boston Scientific would like to recognize Dr. Kalambi for his significant contribution to the patients of Northwest Arkansas and we’d like to thank him for his years of dedication to the green light system so the green light laser is a laser that we use for treatment of BPH which is a very common disease affecting generally elderly men that affects urinary boarding.” 

Kellen Linville – Boston Scientific

The team recognized Dr. Nirmal Kilambi as a surgeon of excellence for his work with the Greenlight  Laser. 

“I was certified in green light lasers in the 1990s.” Dr. Kilambi says.  “I’ve literally done hundreds and hundreds of these lasers and I’m excited to be recognized by Boston Scientific, who has always been on the forefront of technology and innovation for many years. As a Surgeon of Excellence and a Center of Excellence for the greenlight laser and I’m extremely honored to be the first in the state of Arkansas to be designated that award through this designation it is just a continuation of our over 55 years of service to Northwest Arkansas Urology. Being on the forefront and being advanced in technology and treatment, me and my partners are very proud to be firsts and multiple procedures offered in northwest Arkansas and we will continue to do that focusing on the patient their care and their recovery.” 

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