“So pelvic pain is something that is very common in the female population and especially postpartum patients.” Dr. Jason Hurt is a urogynecologist with Northwest Arkansas Urology. He specializes in pelvic pain. “Up to 60 percent of postpartum patients could experience pain with intercourse after delivery. A lot of times this pain resolves without treatment, but there are other times that physical therapy could be helpful in the treatment of postpartum painful intercourse. Pessaries can be used. Pelvic floor physical therapy. Issues with incontinence as well can be treated with non-surgical methods such as medications and outpatient surgeries.”

“Pelvic pain can be a very complex problem to examine and treat.  Not only do you have to be concerned with gynecologic organs causing pelvic pain and gynecologic conditions, but also concerned about urologic issues that can contribute to pelvic pain and gastrointestinal issues that can contribute to pelvic pain.”

“What we’re hoping to do in our Clinic is to have both urologic and gynecologic disciplines combined to help patients in one location. “

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