“So we truly believe that our rural areas are the fabric of this area and of the country really. ” Brandon Fisher is the Technology and Communications Manager for WAVE Rural Connect a division of Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative. He says that major broadband companies are overlooking rural areas. ” Just like 80 years ago, they were forgotten about with electricity, they’re being forgotten about now.”

” As a cooperative, we asked our members how could we improve their day to day life. And the resounding answer was ‘Can we get high-speed internet to our areas?'” Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative took up that challenge and WAVE Rural Connect was established with that goal in mind.

” We will be able to offer two speeds 100 mbps and 1 Gig. It’s very important to remember that those are speeds. There will not be any data caps.” So users will be able to download all the videos and music they want without having to worry about an extra charge on their bill.

The 100 mbps service is priced at $49.95 with 1 Gig speed available for $79.95.

Along with internet service WAVE Rural Connect also has plans for cable television packages as low as $32.95 and Residential phone services for $29.95.

Fisher says that Wave Rural Connect will provide superior service to other companies that offer broadband services. ” Most people are getting fiber to their curb and that’s where it stops. Then they are getting copper from the curb to the house. We will actually be taking the fiber straight into the home.” Providing the fastest speeds available with no throttling.

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