Dan Skoff

Dan has always had a passion for the weather ever since he was a young kid. When storms would approach his area, everyone in his family would head to the basement, but Dan would glance out a top story window or climb the roof for a better look.

Dan Skoff joined KNWA as the chief meteorologist in June 2006. He is a member of both the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society. He also holds the prestigious AMS Television Seal of Approval. Dan Skoff achieved his CBM (Certified Broadcast Meteorologist) certificate and became AMS certified. In order to receive this status, you must pass a difficult 100 question exam prepared by the American Meteorological Society.

Even though he feels right at home here in Northwest Arkansas, Dan was actually born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dan knew he was going to make a living as a meteorologist at the age of 8 when a tornado came within a quarter-mile from his house. “I’ll never forget how black the clouds were on the horizon before the tornado, it was almost surreal. Right after the storm, there was this big bright beautiful rainbow and you could hear the birds chirping in the trees. We walked a little distance in our neighborhood, and there before us was complete devastation. I was hooked from that moment,” Skoff said. Dan wanted to study and experience all Mother Nature could dish out from one of the top-notch meteorology schools in the nation, so he attended the University of Oklahoma and achieved his Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. Hey, cut him some slack, Arkansas doesn’t have a meteorology program.

His broadcasting career began at the CBS affiliate KWTV/Oklahoma City in 1998, where for three years he became a professional media storm tracker and alerted the public to severe weather danger. Then it was off to Amarillo where he was the weekend meteorologist for the NBC and FOX affiliate KAMR/KCIT for almost 3 years. He recently worked as the weekend meteorologist for KARK (sister station to KNWA) in Little Rock for nearly 3 years.

Dan and his family love living in gorgeous Northwest Arkansas. During his career as a meteorologist, Dan has been seasoned by all the different types of weather the Natural State can provide. The most memorable weather events he worked include the biggest tornado outbreak in Arkansas’ history on January 21, 1999, covering catastrophic Hurricane Katrina from just north of New Orleans as it moved ashore, and the winter storm that provided a white Christmas for most of Arkansas in 2004.

Dan will use this experience and cutting-edge knowledge of extreme weather to keep you and your family safe from the storm. One of Dan’s favorite things to do is storm chase and capture stunning weather video. Since his first storm chase in 1996, Dan has seen over 90 tornadoes, including the big tornadoes that hit Oklahoma City in 1999.

During his free time, Dan loves spending time with his wife and two kids (Callie and Cade). He also loves to play and watch almost all sports, especially when the Sooners and Hogs are on.

You can catch him giving the weather weeknights at 5, 6 and 10 PM and on Fox 24 at 9 PM. You might also see him singing Karaoke around town since he loves to sing.

You can email Dan at dskoff@knwa.com and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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